Personal Training Gym in Pymble to Reopen in June

At Form Fitness, we have solid health and safety systems in place for when we are given the green light to re-open our private personal training gym.  At this stage we are predicting to be operating from our gym in Pymble from June in line with stage 2 relaxations.

We would like to highlight that we are (NOT) a commercial gym and we are not open to the public. We (DO NOT) offer general memberships, group training or boot camps.

We are strictly a 1 on 1 Personal Training provider, open by appointment only.

This business structure allows us to go over and above the minimum requirements set by the federal government for gatherings and social distancing. We are able to control who comes in and at what time. We can also ensure that cleaning and hygiene is implemented to the highest degree between each and every session.

We provide a premium personal training service on the North Shore and we understand we play an important role in keeping our member’s mental and physical health in balance.

If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation via phone call. We would be happy to get the ball rolling.

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