Getting Started With Form Fitness

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Do you want to know what you’re getting into when you sign up for personal training at Form Fitness?

It’s always nice to know more before you commit. So here’s everything you can expect if you come on board with us.

What will the training be like?

These days, every coach or training studio you visit will have their own “flavour” of training, so it’s about finding the right fit for you.

At Form Fitness, we specialise in one-on-one strength training, with a big focus on correct movement and injury prevention. Moreover, we’ve introduced complimentary group classes which are offered complimentary to all our personal training members. Our small group training sessions have been thoughtfully designed to help you achieve your cardio and mobility goals whilst complementing your 1 on 1 personal training sessions.

You will receive a strength program, then you’ll get the full focus of your coach while they guide you through each of your 1-on-1 sessions. The program is designed exactly for your needs and experience level; and will typically be based around the main strength movements – like squat, bench press, overhead press, rows, and deadlift.

The results our clients experience include getting stronger, feeling better, improving their posture and the way they move, better stability, and fewer injuries. Some of them also experience fat loss but that’s not usually our main focus.

And finally, our training is easy to follow. We like to keep things simple and straightforward, so you don’t have to think too much. You just show up, do the work, and get the results.

What will the first few sessions be like?

Your first session with us is not in person. It’s a complimentary phone consult, where we talk about what you want to achieve with your training and decide if we’ll be a good fit for each other. This is a no-obligation call.

If we hit things off, we’ll book you in for your first gym session – which we call a Discovery Session. This workout won’t be strenuous. It’s all about assessing your starting point. A “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work for strength training, so we use this session to gather all the extra information we need to create you a program that’s specifically tailored to you.

For example, we want to find any injuries or pains, mobility restrictions, muscle imbalances, and look at how well you move.

The third session is the first day of your new program. During this workout, you’ll get 1-on-1 attention from your coach who will set the pace for the workout and teach you how to do the exercises safely.

And after this, we’ll continue on with the 1-on-1 sessions. During these ongoing sessions your coach will push you within your limits, make adjustments, educate you, and help you get the most out of your training.

Is it just for athletes?

No! We don’t work with athletes. Our training is designed to help everyday people. That said, we have a few retired athletes who train with us with the goal of general wellbeing.

Is the coaching online or in person?

All of our training is face-to-face and 1-on-1. That said, you’ll be able to access your program via our Form Fitness App so you have the option to perform some of your sessions at home or in another gym when you need to.

How many days per week do I have to train?

Usually our clients come to us 2-3 times per week.

If you have time or budget restrictions and can only come 1x per week, that’s ok too – you’ll still see benefits, but it might just happen a little slower. The results we’re looking for are based around performance and wellbeing, so ANY amount of training you do will take you a step closer.

We can also program up to 5-6 days per week for clients who prefer that or want to see results faster.

And if you’re wondering, “what’s the ideal training frequency?” – it’s whatever you can realistically maintain. If you can only train 2 days a week, it’s better that we write your program for only 2 days of training – instead of hoping to train 3-4 times, then regularly skipping days. Consistency is key.

How much does your personal training cost?

Our initial consult over the phone is free.
After this, our pricing is based on frequency so it gets a bit cheaper if you do more sessions.
2 sessions per week – $90 per session
3 or more sessions per week – $85 per session

When will I start seeing results from the training?

You’ll likely see results pretty fast. And this isn’t because we do “quick fix” solutions, it’s because we’ve been doing this for a really long time (so we know what we’re doing) and also because we measure things that aren’t just fat loss (fat loss can take a bit longer).
In the first few weeks you’ll probably see:

  • Improvements in strength
  • Improvements in balance
  • Better mood
  • Reductions in stress
  • Better movement and mobility
  • Less soreness

If your goal is fat loss, bear in mind this can take a bit longer, and usually you’ll start seeing changes after a few weeks. But when you see these other small improvements along the way, it’s easy to stay motivated.

How do I sign on?

Just get in contact with us!

We’ll book you in for your complimentary phone consult and go from there.

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