About Us

Our History

Your comfort, motivation, and results are our top priority at Form Fitness. As one of the few exclusive, appointment-only gyms in the Sydney area, we aim to transform traditional gym experiences into something you look forward to every day.

Why We Started

Back in 2015, best mates and business partners Ricky and Damian wanted to create a different kind of gym. As a beginner, going to a large commercial gym can be stressful. The crowds and distracting atmosphere can make it challenging to focus on your workout, and you might feel intimidated or judged.

We want to give our members the opportunity to exercise in total comfort, so we provide one-on-one training sessions by appointment. Our exclusive, client-focused approach helps you effectively reach your fitness goals with a qualified trainer by your side.

What makes Us Different

At Form Fitness, our staff and mentality set us apart from large commercial gyms. In our small (but not too small) Pymble, Lindfield and Lane Cove gyms, our experienced trainers create a welcoming environment where you’ll feel comfortable even if you’ve never worked with a trainer before.

We’ll never scream or shout to try to motivate you, like you might have seen trainers on TV do. Your trainer will be next to you every step of the way, providing support as you strive for your goals in a friendly and clean training atmosphere. Our members have access to quality strength training and cardio equipment during our guided training sessions, set to the beat of our members’ eclectic music tastes.

Take The First Step

Beginning your fitness journey isn’t as daunting as you think. Take the first step and fill out our contact form to book a free phone consultation. We’ll reply within 24 hours to schedule our first talk, where we’ll determine your objectives for improving your health and fitness and how our Form Fitness team can help.