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About Us

Form Fitness is a renowned name in the personal training industry, known for its exclusive, high-end fitness centers located in Sydney’s North Shore. We’ve curated an exceptional team of personal trainers dedicated to crafting bespoke strength training programs tailored to the unique goals of our members.

Passionately committed to sharing the benefits of strength training, our team has safely and effectively guided countless members to achieve their health and fitness goals through our “Form Follows Function” training system.

Our Approach

Our exclusive personal training services are offered through an appointment system. Our Industry Leading training facilities provide a premium training experience with a comfortable environment where you can focus on improving your fitness without distractions.

You can trust that each appointment led by our qualified trainers will be a constructive step toward your goals. Our trainers are professional and down-to-earth, always working to ensure you have a rewarding workout experience.

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What Our Members Say

Samantha Pearce
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As the name suggests, Form Fitness is all about providing the “how” in personal training. With top-notch facilities, knowledgeable trainers and a friendly environment, achieving personal goals becomes a lot easier.
Anthony Bennett
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Great facilities with parking on-site. All trainers really friendly and knowledgeable. No egos, no bravado. Great for anyone of any age wanting that focused training or rehab program.
Rachel Fairhall
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Very clean and amazing equipment. Such a positive environment! The coaches at form fitness are very knowledgeable. Highly recommend
Mark Leadbeater
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I have been training with Form Fitness for around 3 months. Their facilities are excellent. The Form team are very friendly, welcoming and professional. The studio is never overcrowded. I would highly recommend.
Farhad Kamran
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I've recently started my sessions with Louis.He is very knowledgable, patient and experienced. The facilities at Form Fitness are awesome and I really recommend this studio.
Wendy Dreyfus
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All aspects of Form Fitness are first class and professional. From the caring, experienced trainers and their personalized programmes to the latest equipment to the clean surroundings, everything is perfect. A wonderful team.
Deanna Chamanaev
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Love the structure of the program, Ricky takes care with getting to know his clients and whats best for them. Reece is an absolute pro, knows his stuff and sets out the sessions to get the most effective workout. Super keen to continue training at Form Fitness!
Meg De Souza
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I've recently joined. Such a fun community to be a part of. I am really enjoying the training and lifestyle support!
Kav Nasab
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Form fitness is a great PT gym with top notch service. I’ve been training here with Reece for the past few months and I’ve seen excellent results. The entire team provides exceptional service and it’s a great community to be part of!
Deb Anderson
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I have never felt better since coming to Form Fitness. I am the fittest I have ever been & my chronic back pain has now gone. Damo is an amazing trainer who genuinely cares about his clients & their overall well being. I love being a part of the Form Fitness 'family'

Personal Training

Strength Training

With form as our primary focus, we design sustainable workouts that will help keep you injury free. We develop exercise programs that adhere to our "Form Follows Function Principle. Our coaches ensure that your strength training exercises are performed with excellent technique with progressive overload, ensuring longevity and sustained improvement.

Body Recomposition

Strength training can boost your metabolism, helping you burn calories while building muscle. Our team offers a customised training plan, including nutritional advice and fitness assessments, to assist with weight loss and improving muscle density. We'll be a source of accountability and support every step of the way.

Longevity & Injury Prevention

Strength training is about improving your quality of life through physical fitness. Our training program can lead to stronger bones and joints, decreasing the risk of injuries and age-related conditions like osteoporosis. Our tailored training programs help you live a long, healthy life.

Complimentary Group Classes

Our group classes are offered complimentary to all our personal training members. The Hybrid Conditioning Class involves a blend of strength and cardio in a small team setting, focusing on endurance and cardio fitness The Flow Mobility Class is designed to enhance mobility and flexibility, aiding recovery from intense workouts

Our Success Stories

See what our past and current members say about personal training with Form Fitness.


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Member Since march 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Form Fitness only provides one-on-one personal training by appointment, and our staff has training in infection control and Australia’s safety recommendations. We thoroughly clean and disinfect equipment and high-touch points between training sessions.
Yes, Form Fitness runs on an appointment system to provide a safe, comfortable setting for personalised training sessions. To make an appointment, please go to the contact page and submit a contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a free initial consultation.
Strength training helps you build muscle, boost your metabolism to burn more fat, and enhance overall body condition to improve your quality of life.
Your body, including your joints, bones, and muscles, will become stronger during our personal training sessions, helping you maintain your mobility and lowering the risk of injuries during daily activities. With strong, healthy joints and muscles, you reduce your risk of osteoporosis and can keep doing what you love, independently and for longer.
Our sessions are 45 minutes long, which allows for sufficient time for an effective workout without excessive over-training.
We want to know what your training goals are and how we can best help you. We’ll explain how we work and the costs to help you decide whether we’re the right fit for you. Initial consultations can be done on the phone and usually take up to 15 minutes.
The initial consultation is free of charge and can be done over the phone.
Yes, we have a range of female and male trainers

Health is wealth. Any investment you make in your fitness will pay off dividends. To give you a guide, a 45-minute personal training session with one of our expert personal trainers starts at $90, depending on frequency. No hidden fees and no lock-in contracts.

Yes, all our trainers are formally trained and fully qualified. At Form Fitness, we take our trainers through an in-depth mentoring program to make sure they can apply their knowledge and skills effectively for our members
Yes, however, you may need to consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist first. Your Personal Trainer is pleased to work with allied health professionals to develop a program that will get you fitter and complements your rehabilitation.
Yes, we work with many eligible clients who are supported by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Agency) to help provide greater independence and access to new skills.