Independant Training

Training Program

The Form Fitness App serves as the essential tool for crafting and overseeing our clients’ fitness programs, both within the confines of our gym and beyond. We encourage independent training to promote independence and better results, offering personalised strength training plans that can be done in our gym or at home. 

Personalised Training Plans

Your dedicated trainer will curate a tailored strength training program for you to do independantly, integrating exercises that will support your goal and complement your one on one personal training sessions.

The Form Fitness app conveniently features detailed exercise instructions and videos to ensure proper form and execution.

Form Fitness

Welcome to the Form Fitness App – your all-in-one solution for maximizing your fitness journey, integrating personalised training programs, advanced exercise tutorials, and group class bookings in a user-friendly platform.

Whether you’re seeking expert-guided workouts within our facility, customised plans for independant training, or a convenient way to join our exclusive group sessions, the Form Fitness App is your go-to tool for unlocking a tailored and effective fitness experience

Group Class Scheduling

Group class scheduling with the Form Fitness App offers you a hassle-free and efficient way to participate in our exclusive group classes. This feature is designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, allowing you to plan and book your attendance at group classes with ease.

Within the app, you’ll find a user-friendly interface that displays our class schedule, ensuring you are always in the loop about upcoming sessions:

Hybrid Conditioning Class

A blend of strength and cardio in a small team setting, focusing on endurance and cardio fitness.

Flow Mobility Class

Designed to enhance mobility and flexibility, aiding recovery from intense workouts