Our Approach

Follows Function

Passionately committed to sharing the benefits of strength training, our team has safely and effectively guided countless members to achieve their health and fitness goals through our “Form Follows Function” training system.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are hard-working individuals with jam-packed schedules who want to improve their health and fitness but may not know where to start. Many of our clients are mums and dads with full-time jobs, entrepreneurs, business owners, or individuals with a lot on their plates. Such diligent and motivated people work so hard that they don’t have time to think about crafting a training program.

If any of that sounds familiar, we can make you feel at home at Form Fitness. If you’ve only got an hour between meetings or picking up the kids from school, we can customise the perfect workout regimen to help you achieve your fitness goals without adding stress to your day. Some of our clients have prior training experience, while others are complete novices. We’ve worked with everyone from past athletes to adults who’ve never set foot in a gym.

What Problems We Solve

Our team culture revolves around all-inclusive like-minded members and trainers who want to help each other improve. Our experienced and mature trainers can relate to your needs and make you feel at home.

When creating our fitness centre’s atmosphere, we noticed a few problems that many clients have with traditional gyms. Our organisation solves these problems, so everyone can safely, confidently, and successfully work toward their fitness goals. Our gym transforms the following aspects of fitness:

1. Confidence

Many people, particularly beginners, feel uncomfortable entering a big gym filled with athletes and mirrors. You may lack confidence or fear judgement when entering such an intimidating environment. At Form Fitness, you only work alongside a few other clients who focus more on their trainers than anything you do.

2. Structured training

Your schedule is too busy to sit down and plan which days you'll train as well as selecting all the exercises and reps for each workout. Your dedicated personal trainer will design a program that is tailored to your goals and your lifestyle. We ensure that every training session is productive without interfering with your ability to perform outside of the gym.

3. Safety

We ensure you follow a structured, evidence based training plan with progressive overload for safe and sustainable results. With technique as the primary focus, our qualified and experienced personal trainers will guide you throuch each and every exercise to avoid the risk of injury.

4. Focus

Attempting to focus on your workout at a gym filled with hundreds of people can feel impossible. At Form Fitness, our exclusive atmosphere allows you to focus on your training without distractions. As a busy adult, you can look forward to this quiet "me time," where your effort is all that matters.

Take The First Step

Fill out our contact form or call Form Fitness at 02 9199 0440 to learn more or to schedule an appointment with an experienced trainer at our Pymble or Lindfield location.