I grew up playing basketball and a bit of dancing/ Physie. During uni I was an enthusiastic team member and Teams Manager of the UTS Cheerleading Society in its first year! Unfortunately a broken nose is not good for your modelling career! I am also a little bit fashion obsessed and love fashion photography, vintage shopping and live music (when it isn’t past my bedtime). I am also an avid rugby league and union supporter. Trust I will remind you to have your footy tips in on time!

I have always been fascinated by the human body and all its complexities, and and I have always had a passion for helping people in the healthcare realm, more recently my interest has gravitated towards sport related injuries and the rehabilitation and prehabilitation of common injuries and pathologies suffered by both athletes and general population clients. I am from a sport loving family, with several members of my family over the years playing professional sport, so a love for sport and physical activity is natural!

I have spent about 1.5 years working in various Strength and conditioning roles as part of my accreditation, as well as working as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness coach prior to my time at Form Fitness. I completed my Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at UTS last year and I am Accredited with Exercise Science Standards Australia (ESSA) as an Accredited Exercise Scientist so I am ready to tackle the challenges that come with Form Fitness clients!

Form Fitness is the place for me as we share the same value of the principle of form following function, where mastering the fundamental movements and developing healthy habits is pivotal for a healthy body system and functional strength is the key to longevity and wellbeing. Helping people to learn more about their body, improve movement and promote physical and emotional wellbeing on a one on one basis is an exciting prospect!

Meeting the clients at Form Fitness and getting to know them outside their busy lives is really enjoyable and assisting them in building a healthy exercise routine that will gear them up for lifelong wellbeing, whether that be having a bit more stamina at their weekend sport, fend off the first signs of aging, get stronger muscles and bones, or being able to move around with their children or grandkids is super rewarding, especially when the client sees a tangible result and improved quality of life!

Members at Form Fitness bring something different everyday, insight and valuable advice, as well as a sense of community that really supports the whole being, not just physical health but social and emotional connectiveness. The positive relationships between clients is exciting to see!

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