Is Personal Training the Right Fit For You?

Is Personal Training the Right Fit For You?

You might be thinking about starting at the gym, maybe you’re already training, or maybe you’ve trained before. Either way, if you clicked on this article you’re probably wondering, “should I be investing in a personal trainer?”

Hopefully we can help you answer that.

And before we go any further, let’s get one thing clear – personal training isn’t for everyone. Some people hate it, some people can’t afford it, and some people just don’t need it.

But for the right person, it’s the perfect fit. And not only is it the perfect fit, it will be one of the best things they’ve ever invested in.
So what makes someone the “right fit” for personal training?
Is it that they lack fitness knowledge or need a kick up the butt for motivation?

Well… not necessarily.

We live in a world with an abundance of information, which means that usually the challenge lies in filtering through the noise and figuring out the right information to listen to. And although the stereotype of a PT is someone screaming in your ear (à la Biggest Loser), none of our clients come to us for that. In fact, we hate yelling and they hate being yelled at.

Instead, we usually find people come to us for one of two reasons: they either
1) want to limit or maximise their time in the gym while still getting results (because they’re time-poor and are juggling a number of commitments); or
2) they don’t want to spend time thinking about what they should be doing in the gym each week.

Of course, they also want to improve themselves in some kind of way – but that’s a given, because anyone who goes to the gym is always making some kind of investment in becoming a stronger, fitter, or leaner version of themselves.

But the ones who sign on for personal training specifically are the type of people who want to book in a time in their calendar to focus on their body and how it’s moving, without having to worry about which exercises to do or whether they’re doing enough to get the results they want.

Think of it like this – if you have all the time in the world to watch tutorials and service your car yourself, it’s not a bad option. But if you’re pressed for time or don’t want the hassle, you go to a mechanic.

So for us, this means we work with a lot of busy professionals, mums and dads, or business owners who want a space where they can go, switch off, do the work, and see the results.

Now coming back to the car/mechanic analogy, even if you’re good with cars you’d probably hire a mechanic if your car is a special make, or if there’s a complex problem that is hard to solve yourself.
And in the same way, personal training is great for someone who has particular needs or requires a specialised approach. We’re referring to things like – training around an injury, reoccurring issue, or with chronic pain; lifting weights during pregnancy; elderly people who want to become fitter; training when you’ve got a limitation or disability; or anything else requiring an approach that falls outside of the “standard” training recommendations.

If this is you, a personal trainer can create a plan that is safe to follow and will maximise results for your specific situation. Anyone can achieve results with their body, some just require extra help or knowledge to get there.

Every personal trainer will have a different approach and specialty, and it’s about finding someone who is the right fit for your needs. These days personal training is not just about motivation, strict diets, and bootcamp workouts.

If you need to prioritize your time, have specific training needs, or don’t want to think or plan too much, then personal training would be a great fit for you. And if not, that’s ok. Some people prefer to learn on their own, practice through trial and error, and forge their own fitness path. The most important thing is that you find what’s right for you.

You can reach out to us for a personal trainer in PymbleLinfield and Lane Cove.

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