Callum Barnes

Callum Barnes

Hi my name is Callum, I have diploma in high performance, a Cert 3/4 in fitness and currently studying Exercise Physiology at Sydney Uni. My fitness journey began with a passion in body building and basketball, leading to the opportunity to play college basketball in Vermont, US, for over 1.5 years and a brief stint in the AFL. These opportunities have exposed me to an intense level of high performance strength and conditioning, giving me first hand experience in a multitude of training methods.

Through a personal passion in health and fitness starting in my late teens and exposure to the demands of high level performance training, i was drawn to sharing this passion through helping others achieve their goals.

My professional training has started from my drive to support friends and family achieve their goals. This lead me to complete a diploma in high performance and now studying a bachelors degree in exercise physiology so I can continue to help others.

I chose Form Fitness as it was a wonderful opportunity to apply the knowledge I’m learning in a professional setting with great support and hands on mentorship. Working in a positive and supportive environment with a great community and continual mentorship that’ll allow me to be the best and set a great foundation for a long career in health and fitness.

Form Fitness has a close knit community feel with a positive attitude towards health and fitness that a lot of other places simply can’t match.

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