4 Ways Sleep Affects Fat Loss

​Do you think that lack of sleep has an affect on fat loss?

The short answer is.. yes!

It isn’t so much the lack of sleep that can effect fat loss, but the way that your body responds. Your appetite will be increased and you will become less likely to resist temptations causing you to overeat. 

So how does lack of sleep affect us? 

1. Increases our hunger hormone (Ghrelin) and decreases our satiety hormone (leptin) which leaves you feeling hungry due to an increased appetite.

2. Alters the function of our brain making it more difficult to make healthy food choices. Poor sleep will decrease your self control and decision making abilities.

3. Increases the brains reaction to food, meaning that you will become more stimulated and reach for those comfort foods and more calorie dense foods.

4. Lack of sleep can decrease your motivation to exercise, impact the intensity of your session and reduce your overall daily energy expenditure through down regulation of your NEAT (non-exercises activity thermogenesis). 

Everyone will be different with how much sleep they need, generally 7-9 hours is recommended. Create a night time routine and make sleep a priority.

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